Site Map For A Layman's Guide to Clean Water


The Problem 

The Clean Water Shortage 
Origins of Contamination 
Types of Water Contamination 
Waterborne Diseases 
Effects of Contaminated Water 
Waterborne Disease Videos 

Change That Lasts 

Clean Water is the Foundation 
Benefits of Clean Water 
Sustainable Development 
Transformational Development 
Role of Technology 

Slums and WASH 

Slum Communities and WASH Principles 

Self Help Groups and CBO's 

Self Help Groups and Community-Based Organizations 
Cooperative Efforts of CBO's and NGO's 
SHG's in the Implementation Phase 


Intro. To Groundwater 
Groundwater Sources 
Locating Groundwater 
Manual Well Digging 
Mechanized Well Drilling 
Well Site Location 
Proper Well Construction 
Pump Pad Construction 
Basics of Making Concrete 
Well Disinfection 

Bentonite Clay 

Intro. to Bentonite Clay 
Bentonite Properties and Roles in Mud Rotary Drilling 
Proper Mixing of Bentonite Drilling Mud 
Using Bentonite and Managing Mud Pits 

Surface Water 

Intro. To Surface Water 
Springs and Seeps 
Ponds and Lakes 
Rivers and Streams 
Sand Dams 
Rainwater Harvesting 
Surface Water Summary 

Hygiene Education 

Hygiene Education 
Building and Using a Tippy-Tap 

Hand Pumps 

Intro. to Hand Pumps 
Piston-Type Hand Pump Components 
Hand Pump Operation and Classification 
General Hand Pump Repair Guidelines 
India Mark II Hand Pumps 
India Mark III Hand Pumps 
Afridev Hand Pump and Deep Well Hand Pumps 
Zimbabwe Bush Pumps 
Tara Direct Action Pumps 

"SlapShot" Hand Pump 

Treadle Pump

Water Treatment 

Intro. to Water Treatment 
Water Source Protection 
Sedimentation Methods 
Water Filters 
Water Disinfection 
Water Storage 

Biosand Filters 

Intro. to Biosand Filters 
Biosand Filter Components 
Biosand Filter Operation 
Biosand Filter Media Prep 
Sand Sieve Analysis 
Hydraid Biosand Filters 

Ceramic Filters 

Intro. to Ceramic Filters 
Ceramic Pot Filter Effectiveness 
Ceramic Pot Filter Maintenance 
Ceramic Pot Filter Manufacturing 

Sawyer Water Filters 

Intro. to Sawyer Water Filters 
Sawyer Water Filter Effectiveness 
Sawyer Filter Assembly and Maintenance 

Sanitation Facilities 

Intro. to Sanitation Facilities, Part 1 
Intro. to Sanitation Facilities, Part 2 
Planning Sanitation Facilities 
Pit Latrine Slab Design 
Pit Latrine Slab Construction 
Soil Suitability and Permeability 
Privy Pit Design 
Privy Pit Construction 
Privy Shelter Design 
Privy Shelter Construction 
Compost Toilet Design and Construction 
Compost Toilet Operation and Maintenance 

Notes From the Field 
Notes From the Field 

Video Library 
Helpful WASH Videos 

Get Involved 

Ways to Get Involved 
Volunteering Overseas 
Why Do People Volunteer? 
Financial Giving 

Recommended Organizations 

Links to Great Organizations 

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