You Can Help Provide Clean Water to a Thirsty World.

You may already know that clean water is scarce in many parts of the world. But, did you know that every eight seconds a child dies from problems caused by drinking water that is contaminated and unsafe?

You have found "A Layman's Guide to Clean Water": An introduction to water, sanitation, and hygiene education, development, and technology in terms that are simple and easy to understand.

The purpose of this website is to give an outline of the technologies and methods used in finding, developing, and delivering clean water to those in need around the world.

The inspiration for this website comes from my experiences in Africa and the rainforests of Latin America.

As I meet people and visit communities, I have come to realize that access to safe drinking water is an issue in many places.

Even in places where it rains every day, the water that people drink can be unsafe and contaminated.

This baffled me, and I set out to find answers. I discovered that the clean water shortage is worldwide, and that there are numerous economical, environmental, and cultural reasons for the lack of safe drinking water.

Because the problem crosses borders and cultures, the solutions to the problem are many and varied. What works in one place may not work in another.

Armed with a general “toolbox” of water development alternatives, it may be possible to determine the technology which would be appropriate in a particular location.

"A Layman's Guide to Clean Water" is an introduction to those alternatives.

You will find answers to your specific problems, guidance to useful links and organizations, and opportunities to give, to train, and to go where you can be used to solve the problem of a lack of access to clean water.

I am assuming that you are not an engineer; that you are a layman, like me, searching for information and answers. The content in these pages has been collected from many sources, including my own experiences, and compiled in this one place, and is intended to introduce you to:

  • a multitude of techniques and processes available for surveying, finding, distributing, storing, and treating water at a local level,
  • the inescapable connection between water, sanitation, and hygiene,
  • the cooperative and transformational nature of community development and the challenges involved in creating meaningful and lasting change,
  • organizations that are actively and successfully implementing life-changing community development programs, providing clean water to people around the world; improving the quality of life and the future of entire nations.

Changing the world by providing clean water is not for the lone ranger, or the novice. It involves extensive knowledge of cultures and technology, relationship-building, community transformation, and long-term commitments. Change is never easy, and creating lasting change is even harder.

If you desire to move forward and implement the information presented in this website, it is strongly recommended that further details be obtained from a specialist or from the organizations that use these technologies and methods in the field every day.

Maybe your dream is like mine; to reach out to the world with your gifts and talents and help others to have a better life and enjoy the health, prosperity, education, and promise of a better future.

“A generous person will be enriched, and one who gives water will get water.“ Proverbs 11:25

There are lots of ways you can get involved in helping communities take ownership of their own development and their own futures. You will find help for that as well.

Use this website to equip yourself. Glean all the information and guidance you can from it. Contact and hook up with an organization that has a dependable, proven track record.

Then...Go! and be a world changer! Knowledge is power. Dig in! Have fun! Make a difference! 

Clean Water Blog
The Clean Water Blog keeps you up to date with A Layman's Guide to Clean Water and international development news.
Site Map
Site map for A Layman's Guide to Clean Water
The Clean Water Shortage: Problems and Statistics
How can a clean water shortage affect the lives of individuals and the vitality of entire communities? A big-picture look at the issues and statistics of clean water scarcity.
Pure and Clean Water is the Foundation of All Sustainable Development
Pure and clean water is the foundation of all sustainable development that can impact communities for generations to come.
Slum Colonies Present Unique Challenges
Slum colonies present challenges to the introduction of clean water, sanitation, and hygiene
Collective Business System, SHG's and CBO's
The collective business system (SHG's and CBO's) works for the good of the community and the benefit of its members
A Relatively Clean Water Source, Groundwater is Found Beneath the Ground Surface
A relatively clean water source, groundwater is found beneath the ground surface, protected from contamination
Bentonite Clay Usage in Mud Rotary Water Well Drilling
Bentonite clay: an introduction to its properties and usage in mud rotary drilling
Clean Rainwater and Other Surface Water
Clean rainwater and clean river water may be available in some areas along with other forms of surface water
Teaching Hygiene is Fundamental to WASH Promotion
Teaching hygiene is the fundamental starting place for all WASH promotion efforts
Clean Water Pump for Sustainable Use in Developing Countries
A clean water pump must be a sustainable and durable pump.
Hand Pump Parts and Suppliers
Hand pump parts and supplier listing
Ways to Clean Water
The best ways to clean water are found in a multi-barrier approach that protects water quality from source to consumption
Clean Water Filter such as Biosand Filters
A clean water filter called a biosand filter has been shown to significantly reduce disease-causing pathogens and produce high quality, clean water
Clean Water Technology and Ceramic Filters
Clean water technology like ceramic water filters are lightweight, convenient and effective and can be made using locally available materials and labor.
Clean Water Products like Sawyer Water Filters
Clean water products such as Sawyer Water Filters are simple to construct and maintain and offer convenient, and extremely effective water filtration
Bad Sanitation Facilities 1
Bad sanitation methods and facilities contribute to the spread of water-borne diseases
Best Sanitation Facilities 2
Best sanitation practices meet both physical and personal needs
Poverty Solutions Books and Resources
Learn about poverty solutions in "Alleviating Poverty/Advancing Prosperity"
Clean Water News
"Clean Water News" spotlights experiences, photos, articles and observations from the field
Videos of WASH Activities Around the World
Videos in this library depict what organizations are doing around the world
Creative Volunteer Ideas to Help You Get Involved
Creative volunteer ideas can help you get involved
Recommended Clean Water Organizations
Clean Water Organizations to Help You Get Involved
Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading on the subjects of water, sanitation, hygiene, community development, and poverty alleviation
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Privacy Policy for
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