Looking For Poverty Solutions? Do You And Your Staff of Professionals and Volunteers Want to Make a Difference In the World? Do You Want to See Lives Change and Families Prosper?   

Many organizations and individuals just like you have found practical poverty solutions in: 

Alleviating Poverty/Advancing Prosperity

An Essential Guide for Helping the Poor

Required reading for numerous outreach and development workers!

Poverty solutions are indeed difficult. But in this book you will learn several ways that individuals, nonprofits, governments, private enterprise, and missionaries can improve the effectiveness of their efforts to help the poor.

Who is this book written for?

  • Anyone who works with the poor in developing countries or who desires to find poverty solutions in the future
  • Individuals and organizations that work locally or globally in the fight against poverty
  • Anti-poverty nonprofits, both secular and faith-based
  • Private businesses with the desire to have a social impact
  • Christian missionaries and college students and anyone with a heart for the poor

Do you have a desire to help others?

Then this book is for you!

In Alleviating Poverty/Advancing Prosperity you will learn how it is possible to:

  • Improve the sustainability of economic improvements
  • Increase the scale and reach of development efforts
  • Increase incomes for families and individuals
  • Overcome the corruption that undermines development
  • Address pervasive attitudes and beliefs that perpetuate poverty 

Current anti-poverty initiatives and programs need an upgrade!

This is what Alleviating Poverty/Advancing Prosperity” seeks to accomplish.

About the author - Steven Downey is a Masters Degree holder in Crop Science and a 20-year veteran of missions and development work in Latin America and Africa. In this book he considers current antipoverty programs and challenges their state of affairs. He encourages us to rethink and re-strategize, using principles he has gathered through field experience working with the poor to bring about real, lasting change.

For just $12.99 (paperback) or $7.99 (ebook), you’ll have in your hands a valuable guide to help you become a more effective soldier in the fight against poverty.

Find out how you can better help the poor in this world and become a torchbearer of prosperity and advancement. 

Be a part of the change!

The world needs you!

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