vacuum question

by cepriano lobaton

gud day, we have a hand water pump in our house but not connected to deepwell. only 6 stroke to pump water then its hard to pump. i think the problem is in the bottom. how can i rectify this problem?

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Nov 21, 2012
Vacuum suggestions
by: Anonymous

If this is a suction pump, that is, if the piston cylinder is above ground, you may be able to open it up. If the piston and pump cylinder is at the bottom, you may need to pull the pump out to fix it. The problem could be in the foot valve or piston valve. If the piston seals are old or out of position they might be binding up in the cylinder. They may be fine for a couple of strokes, but after a little bit, they bind up and make it hard to pump. Pulling the pump and inspecting the pump rod, the piston, cylinder, seals, and valves is really the only way to be sure what the problem is. The pump may benefit from a general servicing; pulling, inspecting, and replacing worn or broken parts.

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