Hand Pump has become quite heavy to pump by hand

by Damodara Das
(Salem, TN, INDIA)

Dear Sir,
My hand-pump has become very heavy to be pumped. It takes a lot of effort to move the handle and thus very tiring.
water level in well = 120 feet.
Damodara Das

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Jul 10, 2013
Possible cause
by: Steve

One possibility may be a problem with your piston seals. If they are not fitted well or not functioning well inside the pump cylinder, it may require more force to move the piston assembly up and down within the cylinder. I would say that if your difficulty in pumping is accompanied by it taking many strokes of the pump handle to get the water to start coming out, then I would definitely consider new piston seals. There may also be a problem with the pump head where the pump handle connects to the pump rod. Bearings may be worn or some connection may be rubbing. Also, one part of the pump rod may be rubbing against the riser. Regardless, it would be best to service your pump from top to bottom. Find someone who knows how to work on your pump to troubleshoot and find the problem.

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